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“When my girlfriend and I decided to take the leap into home ownership we knew that it was a major step and that things were going to be extremely hectic. We were given Mr. Phillip Russell as our realtor and were promised a great experience. We were thoroughly pleased with him, he made the entire process as smooth as a baby’s bottom. He has a great personality, he is very knowledgeable, just an all around great person. I strongly recommend that anyone that is in the market to purchase a home , CHECK OUT MY MAN PHIL . 5 Stars !!!!”

 CJ (May 2016)

“In starting the process of becoming a first time homebuyer with my significant other, I didn’t know what to expect but I anticipated a grand outcome. Going through the ups and downs of the process I am glad to say that I was so grateful to have Philip Russell as my realtor!! He was there throughout the process, became a great asset/resource, and not only did he assist us in getting the house that we adore, he became a great friend! He is a genuinely good person and will go above and beyond to exceed your home-buying experience. I recommend him to any and everyone who wants a positive and memorable home-buying experience! “

Leshaundai (May 2016)

“I have the distinct pleasure of being a friend of Mr. Russell, but I can attest to the fact that he is a funny, hard working and honest man. Based on his qualities as a friend and gentleman I would use him if I were looking for a home in his area. I trust him and think he would work honestly and diligently for my interests.”

Hansi (March 2016)

Phil is a top-notch realtor who not only possesses unquestionable expertise in his field, but also a unique personal dedication to his clients. These twin pillars ensure that everyone Phil works with gets a good deal and is genuinely satisfied with the results. Keep up the great work!

Paul R (2015)

“Philip is in private as in business a genuine person passionate about people and his work. He is extremely conscientious and possesses excellent work ethics.
Philip is a trustworthy person who will do everything he can to satisfy his customers and deliver a genuine and impeccable service. You can count on him as a friend, an employee or as a service provider.”

Bruno (2015)

“I met a Phil a few years ago and it has been a pleasure to work with him on several initiatives and projects. Phil has a great work ethic, an infectious personality and is very much a ‘glass half full’ person. One of his true values is the ability to see the bigger picture, not just to see how his actions will impact on what is directly around him but what they will do in the grand scheme of things. His persona does not come across as a sales person but more as a person that cares about everything he does and everyone he deals with – and he does! In turn that then makes you want to get to know him and do business with him, people buy from people as they say. Phil’s career successes in the UK have testament to his drive, ability, adaptability and ambition, this alongside a true gentleman’s values, I am sure, will bring Phil future success at the other side of the pond.”

Gary D (2014)

“I’ve moved many times and Phil was the best realtor I’ve ever had.  He made the process almost easy.  He followed up on every question I had, attended to every detail, all with a sense of humor.  I’d asked for an earlier closing date, and even that was accomplished.  Phil followed up on all the details from the home inspection and made sure they were taken care of properly.  He also helped us move some boxes on a very hot closing day!”

Brenda S (2016)     

When I first spoke to Phil on the phone and heard the words “I will help you find the home of your dreams” in a British accent, I thought maybe I was speaking with a jokester or Robin Leach! The accent was real, and that is just what he did. Phil gave me wonderful customer service and helped me feel at ease after first meeting with him. He saw me right away, stayed late even, and almost missed his dinner at home! I am, well was, a first time home buyer and was scared/nervous/excited to jump into this process. When you meet Phil, you will feel as if you have met him before. He is genuine, funny, charismatic, and truly wants you to find your dream home… I should also mention a great negotiator! You will receive personalized service from him. He will look out for your interests as buyer/seller and you will enjoy every minute of it. If you are looking to give your business to “good people” this is where you should come! Couldn’t be happier with him as my realtor and I would and will recommend him to any friend, family member, co-worker etc. Thank you Phil for all of your hard work, can’t wait for you to come see the new place all decorated!!

LeighAnn (August 2016)

A history of my UNreal Estate saga with Philip Russell:
On 26 Apr 2019, my wife and life companion died. I was crushed. It was hard for me to find a reason to get up in the morning. But, I had her estate to manage, and I quickly decided that I could not go on living in “our” house, that we had shared for 40 years. I needed a Real Estate person, and my son had used Phil as his agent when buying his house, and so I took Phil on as my agent in charge of finding me a place to live that did not have 10 rooms all filled with things that elicited in me nothing but painful memories.
Almost immediately Phil found an available condo and took me down to see it. I was impressed. As an indication of how much, I am now living there.
With Phil’s help, I succeeded in acquiring a bridging loan and was able to buy my new home. We then started the process of moving out of my old house, having three estate sales of 40 years worth of stuff, which Phil organised and filling two dumpsters and hauled off what we couldn’t sell, and getting the house cleared out and prepared for sale. Now, Phil could actually show it to prospective buyers, and Phil quickly managed to find me a prospective buyer following an Open House he hosted. So after a long saga, we had finally taken care of me and my old home.
Throughout this arduous slog, Phil kept me from collapsing from the pressures of closing the deals. He was effective both as a REALTOR®, and literally as my lifesaver.
I cannot express how grateful my son and I are for Phil’s helping us through these arduous processes. I do wholeheartedly recommend him.

Gordon P (September 2020)

Phil is definitely a five star plus agent who sticks by his mottos and values. The home buying and selling markets tends to be very difficult as well as stressful at time; however, having Phil on our side has lighten the load. He’s very knowledgeable about the market and will tell you the truth about your situation whether you like it or not. I have and I will continue to recommend Phil services in the future.

Phil goes above and beyond. Not only have we gained a great realtor, but he is apart of the family. We are very grateful for Phil and his 2 for one special Realtor and friend.

Mike D (September 2020)

Honest, punctual , professional and a great individual very knowledgeable in real estate industry. I love his patience and judgment. Blessed to know him. My family loves him so much. Great great guy. Phil

Eddie A (September 2020)

Phil has a great personality to match the awesome accent! He was very patient, informative, reliable and responsive and can’t forget hilarious. My spouse and I felt super comfortable. We trusted him and knew that he had our best interest in mind. Our home may not be perfect but he helped find the perfect home that was perfect for us.

Kenya H (August 2020)

Philly-Phil as I call him was so down to earth. He made our 1st time home buying experience feel like a walk in the park. Any questions or concerns we had he answered promptly either a phone call, text or email. He made time to be at every meeting during the home buying process, home inspection, lender, closing even our housewarming party he was there. I strongly recommend using Phil.

Monica M (August 2020)

Phil Russell, affectionately know as “Phizzle” to my wife and me was a sheer pleasure to work with as we transitioned from renters of a townhouse to home owners. From the moment we met him at his office, we felt as if we were working with a family member who just so happened to be a realtor. He made us feel ever so comfortable in the decision that we made of taking that step into he ownership and showed an abundance of character, professionalism and determination to walk us through the process. I’m not if we were that easy of a sale, he was just that good at what he does or maybe a combination of the two, but everything in regards to him getting us in the right house at the right price was so easy. I can honestly say that if you give him a chance, you’ll find not only a great realtor ….. but a great friend in Phil.
5 STARS , A+ , 10/10 ….. whichever way you to put it …… he’s the man.

CJ B (August 2020)

Great realtor to work with. Constantly getting calls and feed back unlike others and made sure you were updated through the whole process. Very knowledgeable during and even after buying the house for answering questions as well as other info regarding buying real estate. Definitely recommend Phil.

Sean W (August 2020)

Phil was our buy-side Realtor back in January 2020. He was dedicated and very helpful as we navigated purchasing our first home.

He always stayed within our budget and we never felt pressured to increase beyond our comfort zone. He also helped us discover neighborhoods we hadn’t considered/knew about and really helped us separate was must-have vs. nice-to-have.

Definitely recommend Phil!

Kelan H (August 2020)

I have nothing but praise for Phil Russell an VA Select Realty. He found us a new home when ours burned down and then after the rebuild he turned right around and sold it! What a guy! Delightful to work with and we’d call upon him in a heartbeat if we were ever to move again. He is the ‘go to guy’ for all things real estate

Martha D (August 2020)

Fantastic experience from start to finish. Very knowledgeable and thorough, with a great sense of humor to boot! Best of all he takes care of you even after it’s all said and done!

BacklashXJ (August 2020)

We have had the opportunity to work with Phil twice and he’s always gone above and beyond assisting with prepping our home for sale and doing a home search for our new home! Work with him and he won’t disappoint!

Ayers G (August 2020)

He’s a magnificent Realtor

Dennis B (August 2020)

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